Koh Rong Life After Covid

Koh Rong Life After Covid – Over the last few years of the global Covid pandemic, Koh Rong really struggled due to lack of tourism, like the majority of the world and south East Asia as a whole.
Many of us Expats stayed on the island throughout the pandemic and although tourism was affected greatly, with many businesses closing / suspending operations due to lack of customers, it was very much a beautiful idyllic place to be “stranded” while we waited it out.

The Cambodian Government and the Koh Rong Police & Officials handled this “crisis” professionally, but at no time took away our freedom to travel on the island and we were never locked down, like many parts of the world. All of the Koh Rong locals and workers were offered free Covid vaccines and at anytime there were signa of a spread of covid on the mainland, it was handled with masks and care. At no time did we feel uneasy due to the professionalism shown by the authorities. We carried on with daily life as usual with just less tourism.
The beaches were very much deserted and you had the feeling of what life would of been back 20 years ago. It really was a magical place to be!

Now life post covid has started to continue as the new normal, tourism has started to increase, with many western tourists coming back to the islands & real estate enquiries are up again to pre covid levels. There is a lot of interest again for our company and all of the tourism sector as a whole.
We expect tourism numbers to keep rising and with all of the new infrastructure on the islands of Koh Rong & Koh Rong Sanloem, the future is bright for Cambodia’s most beautiful island destinations.

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