Koh Rong Mainland Electricity Connection Coming Soon.

Koh Rong Mainland Electricity Connection Coming Soon.

Electricity connection is currently underway from Koh Kong province to Koh Rong .
The plan as we have been told, is to lay undersea cables from Koh Kong to be carried to the northern end of Koh Rong Island. The project is earmarked for completion by 2023.

After many years of generator power this is great news for the island as it will bring the prices down for the locals and businesses that have been paying between 75 cents to $1.25 per KW. It will also give the island an uninterrupted power supply, and not be reliant on fuel, which will make life easier & greener.
From the sources we have been informed the price will be on par with mainland prices of under 1000 Riel (25 cents) per KW.

There are some areas of Koh Rong & Koh Rong Sanloem with solar power that have been supplying to some of the major areas, so we will see if this will still be feasible as the setup costs have been the main reason many of the local businesses have stuck with the generator alternative.
Koh Rong is definitely becoming an easier place to live and work now with the majority (80%) of the sealed roads having been under construction over the last 2 years, making it easier to live, work and travel from all areas of the island.

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