What Are The Best Options For Internet On Koh Rong?

What Are The Best Options For Internet On Koh Rong?

What are The Best Options For Internet On Koh Rong?

When thinking of coming to Koh Rong for an extended stay or to live here permanently, there are a few options with great internet speeds depending on where you are going to stay or live on the island.
The three main phone companies are Smart, Cellcard & Metfone and here are the best options from our personal experience for you for the different locations.

Let me first add that having lived on the island permanently for many years now, and in my opinion, the internet is fast enough for anyone who works online. Although some people are used to the super fast connection speeds of cable internet from the major continents, Cambodia’s mobile networks are very very good.
I personally use Smart as my main phone number you see on all of my marketing material and I find it super fast to upload the Koh Rong Property Website and watch Netflix or YouTube etc.

I definitely can run my business and I would say, its much faster than I was used to in Australia and other places in Asia. Smart would be my recommendation for overall use and pricing is around $8 a month for 80GB of data and unlimited calls.. Super Cheap!

The only area I find trouble with connectivity is Sok San as Cellcard has the main tower in that area, but If you are moving to Long Set Beach or Koh Touch where most of the expat community are, Smart is the best option in my opinion.

Cellcard would be my second choice as it is also similar to Smart in price and service, but I don’t seem to get the same download or upload speeds as Smart. Metfone is a favorite with many of the local people and some foreigners and I also have a backup sim card in case Smart has an outage for some reason, which is not very often.

In summary, there are good options for you to be able to run your online business here on Koh Rong and if you are just wanting to watch your favorite video or listen to your music platforms, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Most of the hotels and bungalow resorts also offer free wifi, so you are covered if you are coming to Koh Rong for a holiday. I however would personally suggest spending the few dollars to buy a sim card from one of the providers and have the flexibility while you are here.

These are just my opinions and maybe another provider would offer you the best option for your needs.

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