Cambodia’s “My 2nd Home” 10 Year Golden Visa

Cambodia Visa

Cambodia’s “My 2nd Home” 10 Year Golden Visa is now a great opportunity for foreigners looking to live and invest in Cambodia. The investment visa was launched by the Khmer Home Charity Association with full authorization from the Ministry of Interior, with the goal of promoting trade and investment while eliminating unauthorized intermediary companies, that has been commonly used in Thailand and Cambodia in the past.

Those who apply through the “Cambodia My 2nd Home” programme will enjoy a series of measures to facilitate living and business, including 10-year unlimited entry and exit visas.

Investment Immigration Requirements:

1 – The applicant must be a citizen of a country or region recognized by the Cambodian government, regardless of race, religion, or gender,

2 – The applicant must obtain approval from the Ministry of Interior,

3 – The applicant must be 18 years old and above,

4 – The applicant must have an investment capital not less than USD 100,000 in Cambodia,

5 – The applicant must own a real estate project approved by the government in Cambodia,

6 – The applicant is eligible to apply for a personal bank account and a trust account,

7 – The applicant does not require to submit proof of language competency test or academic qualifications.

For more information please check out the Cambodia My 2nd Home website:

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