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Cambodian Citizenship By Investment or Donation

Posted by kohrongproperty on December 18, 2017
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Cambodian Citizenship By Investment or Donation

There are 4 paths to become a Cambodian citizen: citizenship by naturalization, citizenship by investment or donation, citizenship by marriage & citizenship by birth and descent.

Citizenship By Investment & Citizenship By Donation is what we will cover here, with this being the fastest route for property investors, wishing to invest and purchase land & property and have freehold ownership.

Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship via the investment route is fairly straightforward according to the official application process.
The process takes about 3 – 6 months and the requirements are as follows.

● Applicant must be 18 years of age or older
● Applicant must have a current and valid passport
● Applicant must have a current valid visa for entry into Cambodia
● Applicant must be of sound mind
● Applicant must be in good health
● Applicant must have made a qualifying investment in Cambodia of at least 1.25 billion riel ($312,500)

Citizenship By Investment or “Honorary Citizenship” as it sometimes called, fast tracks the process for investors and property buyers to purchase land and feel confident in their long-term financial and business plans.

Citizen By Donation is exactly the same as above, with the only difference being that the applicant donates the money to the Cambodian government’s national budget, and that donation will be used for the betterment of Cambodia & its people.

With 100% property ownership being a concern to some people looking to invest in Cambodia, this is the only path to safeguard your ownership rights & it also offers you many other benefits available to you in the Kingdom.

Cambodian Citizenship Benefits

As a Cambodian citizen, you can take advantage of the local benefits that are not legally available to other foreigners.

● You are entitled to own land & property in your own name.
● You are able to live in Cambodia with no visa needed and enter or leave the country as and when you like.
● You are eligible to apply for government concessions and licenses that are only available to Cambodian nationals.

With the ease of securing your investment in the Kingdom Of Cambodia and with the current growth Cambodia is experiencing, it is a great time to be here & become a pioneer in this part of South East Asia.

There is more information on the CDC website in Khmer & English: